Blog Time?

Hi people

This is my first ever blog so I’ll try to keep this making some kind of sense. My name’s Paula and I’m studying MSc Audio Production at the University of Salford. I like music of all kinds, my favourite bands/artist include Nine Inch Nails, The Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac and Newton Faulkner. I used to sing with the Gateshead College Splinta’s jazz band (or The Splinta’s for short) which was massive amounts of fun. I started out wanting to be a singer but found myself at my best when I was working with others, especially when it came to recording, editing and mixing tracks that I’d helped to write. It seemed like a rather good idea to pursue this further, which is why I’m studying a Master’s Degree. Other random info includes, I like make up and spend far too much money on the stuff and I have obsessions with the work of George R.R. Martin, kitten videos on Youtube and I will own a cat one day but my current living arrangements don’t allow for one.

I’ll be honest here, I’d never heard the term ‘Digital Identity’ before I started the Social Media Module and I had little idea of what it meant. In a way it’s like creating an Alter Ego online that you (hopefully) control and that you can use to create the way the world, or at least the Internet, perceives you. It looks to me like it works both ways. For example Amazon is still trying to sell me books by Christine Feehan, who I lost interest in years ago. Yet because I bought those books back in 2009 they’ve collected that data about me and send me an email every time she writes a new book even though I have no interest in buying it. So while I control what I put out there I have no control over how the world takes it or decides to use it…

…better make sure my embarrassing baby photos stay hidden then.

As for what I want to get out of this module. Well, a Twitter account was never on my list of priorities. But in all seriousness the Internet is an invaluable tool in todays world and I’d be crazy not to learn how to use it to my advantage while I have the chance to. Modern technology is changing the way the world works all the time and I want to understand that better.

Just to see if I can do this. I like pictures


2 responses to “Blog Time?

  1. So long as you’re not a Lannister Gold Cloak, you’re alright by me.

    I’ve just started ‘clash of kings’. I’m late to the party but at least I’m reading them rather than watching the TV series only 😀

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