MSCSM Blog – Blogging about Blogging?

I’m a little confused. Usually there is a clear topic of conversation here that I can muse upon, digital identity (I still feel like I missed the point on that one), Copyright laws… this week I’m not entirely sure what to write about.

There was lots of talk about the Sound Around You Project and about Blogging and Micro Blogging, as well as a detailed look into what makes a good blog post. And pictures of cake…

The Creative Commons law was discussed again, and the importance of giving credit where credit is due to the original owner of something. For example that picture of the amazing cake I just put. Thankfully in this case this is a photo that my boyfriend took of a cake that had been brought into his work for their weekly cake day so to my knowledge it hasn’t been published online anywhere else. I probably could have edited the paper out of the background though :-/

So here’s that picture again, this time I’ve done a little editing and got rid of a little of that background. I’m no great expert when it comes to editing photos and I don’t doubt for one second that there are people out there who could have done a better job than I have. But again, an image that I don’t think exists anywhere else online. Maybe the bakery that made it has a website and has pictures of this particular cake but those will be done professionally to make the person looking at it go ‘I must have this cake!’. You can practically guarantee that they won’t have a pile of paperwork in the back of their photo.

I like the Creative Commons thing, I’m just a little confused about how I’d go about finding a picture of a cake that I could put into a blog post that have the Creative Commons stamp of approval. I spent some time on Flikr last night trying to figure it out and maybe I was tired and had a head full of coursework, but I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture that I’d found that said ‘You can use this, just please give me credit’ and put it into the post that I was writing.

The content of a blog post is what matters most. Not the pretty pictures, but they do enhance things considerably in some cases. Blog’s that I read quite often include George R.R. Martin’s Not a Blog and These are two very different types of blog (That have little to do with music, sorry guys) so are presented in different ways. GRRM’s blog is about his work, appearances he’s making and general stuff that interests him. It’s your standard ‘Following a famous person’ blog which we all do so everyone knows what to expect. Pixiewoo is different. It’s a beauty blog which gives reviews about new makeup products so obviously it needs lots of pictures from the word go. Within seconds of opening the page there’s a picture of a new fragrance thats due out on the shelves in a few weeks. Yet this type of blog will have permission to use these photos from the companies that made them. If I went to Pixiewoo, copied the picture of that perfume bottle and posted it here odds are I’d get in trouble.


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